We are proud to be supported by

We are very grateful to our affiliate organisations for championing our programme and helping us reach as many members of our Armed Forces Community as possible. We believe that we can best support our Armed Forces community by continuing to work together. 

RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity exists to provide life-long, life-changing support, job opportunities, and training to service leavers, veterans, reservists and their families, irrespective of circumstances, rank, length of service, or reason for leaving.

Army HIVE Information Service (HIVE) provides up to date and relevant information to the Service Community which includes Serving personnel, families, veterans, and MOD employees.  Delivering information across the UK and overseas via our HIVE Information Centres or online via our HIVE Blogs and Army HIVE Facebook page, HIVE Information Support Officers respond to enquiries, provide confidential signposting and referral and, provide feedback to the chain of command

The Milspo Business Network is a global network of business leaders who are no longer limited by location and are building businesses that they deserve. The Network offers peer-to-peer support to all UK military spouses, partners and other-halves by using practical digital solutions that provide valid and functional training, networking and access to like-minded business owners. It's a network that inspires our often isolated but inspirational community..

“The MCN is a community of military partners working together to create a network of coworking office spaces on military bases in the UK & overseas.  They also run an online community for partners everywhere to share advice, inspiration and create a network of contacts to help and inspire your career or business.  Having a dedicated space where people can go to work and study together not only reduces social isolation; their off and online communities offer help and support to enable you to maintain flexible jobs which work around your military lifestyle.