The Medal Box Company

I started my enterprise in the garage and kitchen of our married quarter in Bulford. The business idea was created when my husband had misplaced mess dress items after functions and we realised there was an opening in the market for personalised medal boxes.   A place to keep treasured items safe and in one location.  He would often rush around looking for cuff links, bow ties minutes before the transport arrived for the evening….I’m sure you can relate.

My own career in the Construction industry had been on hold for 5 years due to postings abroad and I was eager to establish a career that would work around my two young children, which would move with us creating some stability in an otherwise unstable world that the Armed forces placed us.  We had undertook9 house moves in 15 years.  I’m sure readers can relate Chepstow, Northern Ireland, Sandhurst, Germany, Cyprus then Bulford before moving back home to Yorkshire.

From sanding, staining and varnishing small boxes at my kitchen table, I have grown a fully functioning engraving and box manufacturing business.

All this started in late 2012. Then later rebranding to The Medal Box Company the business has gone from strength to strength, the backbone of the company has been built on excellent customer service, and most orders come to me from word of mouth.

We have now relocated to premises on the semi-rural outskirts of Leeds, Yorkshire and are continually expanding, we have both an engraving office and woodworking workshop onsite where we are producing our own handmade medal boxes. We also work with high quality suppliers to produce top quality products which can be engraved with a cap badge, name, rank or service number.  

The first few years all of my business profits had gone back into growing the business… Developing my new woodworking shop and buying the industrial machines needed to do this doesn’t come cheaply.  At times I have despaired.  Sarah has been truly amazing, she has mentored me over the last year…..encouraged me to increase my prices to cover my time and eight years of sheer hard graft…..  I’m delighted, for the first time I’m actually seeing a little profit this year.  

I was also given the fabulous opportunity to attend a couple of three day courses in Stafford on the Start up to Sustainability course with the wonderful Isobel Knight. To learn and look deep within ourselves to realise our hopes, dreams, and ambitions.  We brainstormed, set goals and established steps to get there.  

Again I met some amazing people, we definitely bonded together made fabulous memories, shared stories, lots of laughs, tears and triumphs which enabled us to fly high and achieve what seemed like the impossible.

Watch this space…..there is more coming!  

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