Posted Overseas?

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“There are several hurdles to jump when it comes to registering to be self-employed overseas, trading licenses, and permissions are required as well as tax and statutory implications. Our trainers have prepared a tailored programme to accommodate European laws as well as those within the UK to ensure delegates understand their responsibilities of trading whilst on an EJSU posting. This has involved a significant amount of research and sourcing of examples of best practices in order to deliver the correct information and provide ultimate support to course delegates.”

— Sarah Walker SUH Project Manager.

Working in association with the MOD’s learning and development skills hubs, delegates are offered a dedicated four-day business start-up training course and mentoring programme where they will learn and develop the skills required to run a business. The course covers the basic legal and statutory requirements needed to register and start trading whilst living in EJSU locations. Our team support the family federations in Overseas trading procedures and legalities.

“Supporting the Unsung Hero business start-up programme is hugely valuable for the forces community here in Cyprus. Setting up a business can be a great way for spouses to earn money not only while they are here in Cyprus, but also in subsequent postings around the forces world. Being your own boss can also offer valuable flexibility, allowing people to fit work around other commitments such as childcare. We are extremely grateful for the support offered but also the distance support for the following 10 months - and very much hope to continue the provision here in Cyprus into the future”.
— Major Butler, Former Officer Commanding 55 Education Centre Group

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